My friend, Dianne, and I just returned from a fabulous week in South France. I love to travel, explore and learn, especially to places that are not only rich in history, but also in cuisine and good wine!

As I've traveled to Italy and France, the people there always greet you, "Buongiorno" (Italy) or "Bonjour"(France), all day long and everywhere you go. It's actually considered rude to not greet each other. It's more than just a friendly greeting. To me, it is also an acknowledgement. I see you. I hear you. I am present. 

Acknowledgement. So simple. Free. Giving and caring. I invite you to practice acknowledgement by generating "good morning" and "good evening" and see how it makes you feel, and how others respond to your acknowledgement. Put down your phone or look up from it. See a person. Be present. Slow down and offer a friendly greeting and a smile. We all feel better when we are heard, seen, and acknowledged. We all want connection, and an acknowledgement is a good way to manifest it! -MaryBeth