MaryBeth Tipton,


Certified Yoga Teacher, International Yoga Teacher, & Continuing Education Provider

My yoga students receive more than a physical workout; they receive connection and inspiration to guide them along their journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation, both ON and OFF their mat. I am committed to inspiring and empowering my students while helping them focus on their breath and presence, making them stronger, more flexible, and overall, a better version of themselves. I believe in awareness, self-inquiry and continual learning and unlearning.  I continue to invest in myself with additional training, and have completed Level One Journey Into Power, Level Two Sannyasin's Journey,  and the Art of Assisting Program, all through the Baptiste Institute. 

Empowering you to transform your health and way of being both on and off your mat. My goal is to help you become a better YOU!


“I began the practice of yoga to better connect with myself. Mary Beth is not only helping me do that, but she is showing me how the practice can transform my life, emotionally and mentally. She knows the ins and outs of the physical and mental practice ofyoga. Not only have I left class feeling more centered and balanced, but I felt more prepared to approach life a little differently... with a healthier perspective and a better understanding of myself.”
— Karli Mooore
Meeting Mary Beth Tipton on May 25, 2017 altered the trajectory of my life.  Before I met her, I felt sick, tired, ate garbage or whatever gave me the instant gratification I craved and was overweight.  Mary Beth came into my elementary school to teach students a class on yoga.  Little did she know that she struck me like a lightning bolt.  The lecture she gave the kids changed me, their teacher.  I needed to get healthy.  I was sick of being sick.  I decided at that moment I was going to change.  I was worth it.  My kids needed a healthy and HAPPY mom.  Two weeks later I walked into my first class a little overwhelmed and completely out of my comfort zone, I watched these yogis move and stretch in ways I didn’t think was possible. 

What a  difference a month can make.  I am down 17 pounds.  My body can do some of those positions I never thought I could.  Yoga is my happy place, even though it has made me cry a few times, not because I was in physical pain, but my emotions were finally getting released.  I’ve changed what I put in my body and the way I treat my body.  I have Mary Beth Tipton to thank.  She may never know the impact she has had on my life and ultimately my family’s life because my husband is getting a healthier wife and my kids, all 4, are getting a healthier mom, mind, body and spirit.  Thank you Mary Beth!
— Namaste my friends, Amy Rigsby

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